See the following I also have a 5050 which I what was testing with.
Well the Transcend 30x 512mb in my olympus is the fastest I have seen.

Transcend 512mb 4 Seconds to write 7.3mb image
PNY 128mb 5 Seconds
Viking 512mb 7 Seconds
Simpletech 128mb 11 Seconds

"zerodayz" <> wrote in message news:<bejd03$ov4$>...
> I have an Olympus C-5050, can I take advantage of the new faster Compact
> Flash media such as x30 x40
> Can the camera actually write data at this speed and will I see an advantage
> over slower memory types.
> Or should I spend the extra money on less speed and higher capacity?
> regards
> Martin.