Hi there all,
I have been using Maya which now I need the HKE File export for Maya so that I
can do collision detections when I import my w3d into Director. Though I can't
seem to find it. I have searched at Alias Wavefront site, and all they have is
doentation on that Maya can use Havok features but thats all I could find.
So I wanted to know if anybody knows where I could find the HKE export plug-in
for Maya? I hear that Macromedia's license for Havok had expired awhile back,
so could this be the reason why I can't find it? If you require more info on
what I have, I have Maya 6.0 unlimited, and Director 8.5

Also I have one more question. I am creating a dog in Maya where I want the
dog's ears to flop around when he moves or dances etc. I here that one way you
could do this is by using springs, and knowing that you can do that with Havok,
and lets say I do ever find the plug-in, do I use Maya's Soft/Rigid Bodies
features to do this or does the havok plug-in come with its' own soft/rigid
bodies sub-menus?