Sounds like Extend mode.

Next time this happens, see if EXT appears in the status bar. You've
probably bumped F8. Esc is supposed to cancel Extend mode.

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"Trillian" <> wrote in message
> Has anyone encountered the problem of having all the text
> in a memo field selected when trying to edit? The only
> way "out" is to close the database and Access and restart;
> the field then "behaves" for a while. I have sufficient
> memory and abundant disk space! I have the select entire
> field option turned off; I'm using the Zoom Window command
> to open the field. I'm doing a lot of data entry into
> this particular memo field in all records...Access 2002.
> Note: if this isn't the correct forum to post this
> question to, could someone direct me to the correct one?
> Thanks in advance.