I have a class object I am calling in another class:

class Stuff {
var $myObj;

function Stuff($myObj) {
$this->myObj = $myObj;

function doStuff() {
print_r(get_class_methods($this->myObj)); print_r("<P>");
print_r($this->myObj->name . "<P>");
print_r($this->myObj->getName() . "<P>");


The first "print_r" works just fine and shows a "getName" method in
the array of methods for object $this->myObj. The second "print_r"
works just fine and shows the property value that was set in a prior
$whateverObjName->setName('Whatever'); the value comes up as
"Whatever". BUT the third print_r throws a nasty error "Member
function called on a non-object". What happened? How did it turn from
being a legitimate object to a NON-object in one line? Could someone
with some class experience point me in the right direction as far as
using "getter" functions of one object inside another object function?