I have an asp application that creates a PowerPoint presentation. It used to work well and all of a sudden I am getting the following error

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 error '80048240
Presentations.Add : Invalid request. There are too many windows open. Please close one
/myReport/myreport_powerpoint.asp, line 5

Following is the code where the error is encountered
dim ppAp
dim ppPre
dim shpCurrShap
Set ppApp = CreateObject("PowerPoint.Application"
ppApp.Visible = tru
Set ppPres = ppApp.Presentations.Add
With ppApp.ActivePresentation.PageSetu
.SlideWidth = 11 * 7
.SlideHeight = 8.5 * 7
.FirstSlideNumber =
End Wit

I tried disabling the fast save option in PowerPoint by doing the following, which did not help
Open PowerPoint --> Click on Tools -->Options. Go to "Save" tab and uncheck "Allow fast saves"

Please help me identify the problem.