Hello all,
We are using cfheader and cfcontent with a custom tag to hide the url of our
downloadable files. We also have an exception page set to email us if a cf
error occurs on any of our pages. The exceptions are set on the application
page then sends the user to the template, when an error occurs. Everything
seems to be working fine. There is just one glitch that I can't seem to figure
out. When a link that has a MIMEType of application/unknown, which
automatically goes to save the file to the desktop, is cancelled it triggers
the exception page to email that an error occured, but there really is no error.

Does anyone know of a way to stop the exception being triggered?

Thanks for your help in advance. I have attached the code I believe that is
needed to figure this all out.

<!---Custom tag that displays the files in the browser--->
<cfset variables.FileToPush=attributes.FilePath&attribute s.FileName>
value="#attributes.DisplayType#; filename=#attributes.FileName#">

<!---These variables are needed in order to view/download a file--->
<cfparam name="URL.DisplayType" default="inline">

<!---I have a query that grabs all the information about the file--->

<!---code that actually pushesfile out--->
<cfif (GetFile.restricted EQ 1 AND
IsDefined("Session.ProductDoentation_Username") AND
IsDefined("Session.ProductDoentation_UserAuthor ization")) OR
GetFile.restricted EQ 0>
<!---Views/Downloads the file--->
<cfoutput query="GetFile">
<!---Send back to login page--->
<cflocation url="form_login.cfm?doc_id=#GetFile.doc_id#">