I've been trying to send mail to a close relative at a university mail
account, and as of the past week, getting it bounced back as "rejected."
A query about this to the system's postmaster resulted in my being told
that this particular college, following extensive security updates to
intercept SPAM and other malicious traffic, is now rejecting about 40%
of incoming mail. The main reason- faulty or missing mail headers,
particularly the "Message-Id" field. Having cc'd myself on these, I've
discovered that messages sent via smtp.mac.com and my cable ISP's SMTP
server usually do not contain a "Message-Id" field, but, oddly,
sometimes they do, and those messages are going through.
Is this anything I can remedy locally within Mail app on my OS X machine
or Outlook Express on the older OS9 box, or do I have to attempt to
contact the admins at the mailers to see why this is happening? I could
attempt to set up sendmail on OS X but this might be troublesome for my
OS 9/OE user who doesn't want any new, unnecessary complications in her
computing experience!
Chuck Reti
Detroit MI