I'm running MMDF on sco 5.0.5.

I noticed that DELIVER was taking alot (several hours during the day)
of CPU time, making the system a little slow.

After a bit of poking around i found that msg.log and chan.log in
/usr/mmdf/log where quite large, and that chan.log was getting new
entries all the time. These antries are of the form...

7/ 9 9:43:19 local 5283: [SYSERR(2)No such file or directory]
Unable to open
message file 'msg/msg.

Ive tried 'l /usr/spool/mmdf/lock/home/msg/msg.c20215' but the file
doesnt exist.

Ive also checked for the file of the same name in addr, and q.local
but this does not exist either.

I have verified that my configuration is correct with CHECKUP and this
revealed nothing.

CLEANQUE runs every morning.

I have run out of ideas and knowledge of deliver / mmdf.

Any suggestions welcome. Thank you.

Alastair Murray.