I have a couple of issues here.

1: I have a character proxy model that I controll around a 3D world. Using modelsunderray I am trying to detect if certain models (openable doors) are in front of the character. These doors are simple boxes with all face normals facing outwards. How come from one side of the door, the door model isfound in the list of objects intersected by the ray but from the other side of the door the ray being cast does not seem to intersect it at all?

2: Again with the M.U.R, how com if I put my character right next to another model and rotate it 360 (slowly), the second model never turns up in the M.U.R list. (pretty sure I'm not using the up / down axis for M.U.R). Is there a way to verify the exact direction of the RAY visually.

Cheers to anyone who can help.