1. The boss wants to run the computer system at work remotely at home.

I want to setup a modem to modem connection with an XP system as
the remote and a WFW311 system as host.

I've setup PCAnywhere ver 8 with unacceptable results (freezing, etc).
It crashes consistently. I've tried others with the same unpredictable results.

I now have XP configured as the remote machine using it's native network
setup program to dial out from.

What software needs to be on the WFW311 system that will allow me to do
the connect and operate the system remotely?

Both systems are running USR 56k modems. The connections are operational,
but the software for the WFW311 box is now the only bottleneck in the project.

2. I also want a cold boot icon on the WFW311 desktop. I know there are some
for WIN95 and up, but are there any that work like the reset button while
WFW311 is running?

3. While in remote operation controlling the host computer, the F13 thru F24
are needed to process data. Is there a way to use these on a standard F12
as the remote? (The method of SHIFT F1 to get F13 and the like are NOT working).