I enabled swsupd on my laptop.
It mostly works ok, but some of the time when the laptop wakes up I see
that the usbcore module appears under lsmod and is marked as deleted. In
this state I can't remove it since the kernel claims its not there, and
I can't reinsert it since the kernel claims there is already a module
with that name.
This seems to be caused by my usb mouse, which seems quite unstable
under the 2.4.21 kernel. It mostly happens if I suspend with the mouse
plugged in, and the wake the laptop up without the mouse.
This mouse is also causing trouble with X, which only recognises it if
the mouse was plugged in before gdm was started.
This behaviour doesn't appear under 2.6.0-test1 (the X behaviour) but
for the moment that isn't a solution as suspend doesn't work properly
(It doesn't suspend with matlab and evolution together for some reson
under 2.6.0-test1).
I am using kernel 2.4.21 with the acpi patch and the acpi and swsupd
patches from software suspend (the second acpi patch is from the
software suspend patch to enable suspending using the acpi sleep
Any ideas on how to fix the usb and suspend problems (hopefully also the
mouse at the same time?).
I tried using gpm, but I am using it for the touchpad, although that
reacts very badly on the console too for some reason.

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