ok, a fairly long one here so stick with it. i had my main site ([url]www.studavis.co.uk[/url]) in the root of my server, but i also ran a number of other websites off this webspace (eg [url]www.studavis.co.uk/othersite[/url]) - thing was, i had quite a few of these so i decided to put all the files of the main site into a folder (called studavis) and setup my htaccess file to redirect to this folder. So whenever anyone typed in [url]www.studavis.co.uk[/url] they were taken to [url]www.studavis.co.uk/studavis/[/url] - all this worked fine, pages were viewable and browsable, except whenever i try to download doents from one folder (which on the server is located at /studavis/files/doent.doc, the browser trys to download from studavis.co.uk/files/doent.doc (the old location) and not the new one (which should be studavis.co.uk/studavis/files/doent.doc).

It's only this folder, and i have made a quick fix by copying the folder back to its old location on the server so the links become valid again. So, my question is that why has it completely retained the site structure except for this one folder?

I hope i have explained this well enough, if you need any more info, post here and i'll try and elaborate, in the meantime, can anyone help me??!