I created a CD-Rom that includes 8 mpeg videos. The videos play
automatically when you enter each page of the CD-Rom. The problem that
I'm having is with some machines, specifically a couple of Windows
2000 machines, but not on a couple Windows 98 machines, etc. Very
random. The problem is that the first video works great, plays great.
However, when I go to the next page and attempt to open the video, the
audio plays, but the video does not and shows a static portion of the
previous movie with a weird distorted pink square and just doesn't
play at all, as though it's remembering part of the other video in
some way. This happens with each page, the audio plays but the video
just shows that same static area of the first video that played fine.
When I close out the CD-Rom, I see flashes of the previous movies that
should have opened but didn't. As I said, it works on some machines
but not others. Could this be a Quicktime problem or a problem with my

Any help would be very appreciated,