i'm working with a asp page ( asp classic )
that needs to consume a web service
it works , but not very well
sometimes it takes too much time
giving errors, at event viewer, about
"error while parsing sever response"
"soap error", etc

is the next syntax right ?
what consideration can you tell me ?


i do it with:
- - - - - - - -

dim osoap, oxml, resulta

set osoap= Server.CreateObject( "MSSOAP.SoapClient30" )
osoap.ClientProperty( "ServerHTTPRequest") = true
osoap.mssoapinit( "http://...../service?wsdl" )

set oxml= Server.CreateObject( "MSXML2.DomDoent" )
oxml.loadxml( osoap.getInfo( 777 ) ) 'a paramater
result= oxml.getElementsByTagName("value").item(0).text
set oxml= nothing
set osoap= nothing