The first question is around downloading binaies manually. With a lot
of AVI files, I find that if I try to dwonload automatically, the
program will crash, or the file will never finish downloading. Also,
with some jpg files, the program will crash.

If I download binaries manually, I do not get these problems and I am
also able to open files (avi files play nicely and more successfully
with VLC) without the problems to the NewsWatcher application.

But when I download manually, NW opens OS 9.2 (I'm using MT-N/W on OS
10.2.6) to get at my copy of "uuencode". I'd like to know where I can
get an OSX version of "Uuencode" so I can abandon all of my Classic
software before an OS Upgrfade forces me to.

Also, when I downloaded MT-N/W 3.2, I learned that it is a beta version.
It seems a little buggier than 3.1 was; has anyopne heard how (or if)
Mr. Fraser is coming with the first OS X version of MT-N/W that is NOT

Thanks, folks.