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:> I am using MT-Newswatcher 3.1 through a dial-up PPP connection on my
:> TiBook (400mz, OS 9.2).
:> Yesterday I hooked up to my emplolyers cable internet connection though
:> the ethernet port. Worked just great with email (Eudora) and several
:> web browsers (Netscape Communicator and Opera). However, when I
:> attempted to check my newsgroups, MT-Newswatcher began to delete my
:> subscribed newsgroups.
:> Luckily I was able to save this by not saving the changes when I quit.
:> What is causing this, and how can I make it stop? Using the cable is
:> obviously great, but I would like to check my newsgroups (probably spend
:> more time on Usenet than anything else).
:> Ideas?
:> Thanks.

It sometimes does this when the groups on your list aren't found on the
server. Since most ISPs won't let you have access to their news servers
when you're not on their networks, you're simply stuck. Instead, you'd
need to have alternate group files set up that use your employer's news
servers (if they have any) or some public access server.

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Steve W. Jackson
Montgomery, Alabama