Actually this is all wrong...

All version of Windows XP (not sure on Starter as I don't live in developing
countries sorry...) allow you to input any language as long as you install
the IME in Region and Language Options.

Language text input is NOT MUI. MUI is the interface language changing
mechanism, and it currently exclusive to corporate licensing agreements or
OEMs (very rare).

The absence of MUI in Windows Vista does *not* prevent you to input foreign

By the way, I'm still confused whether MUI will be available for Ultimate or
Enterprise.... sounds more like Enterprise at the moment, as its always

"D. Spencer Hines"
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> If true, it's a bummer.
> "Andre Da Costa" <> wrote in message
>> Based on information, thats what is known so for, anyway, packaging and
>> distribution is still not finalized, I would wait until beta 2 or closer
>> to RTM to find out.
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>>> Currently, a user of Windows XP SP2 Pro has a well-designed interface
>>> for
>>> Multi-Language Support of Chinese, Japanese and Korean entry simply by
>>> installing IME and tweaking it.
>>> Is it true that only the Ultimate and Enterprise Editions [that's just
>>> two of nine total editions] the top two Business Editions, will offer
>>> this
>>> MUI support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean entry and transmission
>>> of text?
>>> DSH