I have the multiserver version installed and can easily set up two or more
instances of Cold Fusion, but when I try to connect them to IIS. I can only get
one of the context roots to show a page, the other root will say "page cannot
be displayed or internal server error. The context roots work fine when using
the internal JRun web server. Here is what I'm trying to accomplish.

I have a domain, mydomain.com. I want to have an instance of Cold Fusion that
resolves to [url]http://mydomain.com/apps[/url], and a separate Cold Fusion instance that
resolves to [url]http://mydomain.com/forums[/url]. From everything I've read, this should
be possible, but I haven't been successful. Here is my configuration.

Windows 2003 Server Standard
Cold Fusion 7 MultiServer Install with JRun 4

Any help would be appreciated.