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> It is bad practice to have music playing, when a web site first
> downloads. Music should only be provided by links, where the user has
> made a choice.
> See [url][/url]
> Paul Taylor
I would ordinarily agree, as I find it particularly annoying for music
to play when I visit a site. However a client of mine that has a
progressive rock band out of Pennsylvania, asked for a "coming soon"
page to coincide with a cd release last week. He wanted a short clip of
one of their songs to play as the page loads. I did not make it hidden
so visitors can at least turn it off. My client informed me yesterday
that they have sold two cds on the strength of the opening clip, one on
the west coast and one in Germany. He is pretty excited so he might
argue that, at least in his case, it is a good practice.
David Rogers