We have two datasources
A) Standard SQL database, in the same domain
B) SQL database pulled accross a VPN.

Then we have a two load balanced CF servers.

We host multiple websites, one website (We'll call it Bob) connects to both
database A and B
The rest only connect to database A

We recently had an issue where the database on the VPN machine (B) had a
partial failure. It kept rebooting, so Coldfusion would have a connection, and
then lose it.

Now, when someone made a call on website Bob, the page would hang. We went in
to the cf administrator on the server where the request took place, and verfied
the database connections and CF would timeout on trying to connect to both
datasources. But database A could successfully be accessed from the other
server, and from Enterprise manager.

So can anyone tell me why one database being down, would cause all other
database connections to lock up, and what setting if any I can change to
prevent this, because the only way I could get the machine to reconnect to the
database was to restart the CF server.