We just upgraded to coldfusion mx 7 from mx 6.1 and our 2 custom java tags
stopped working. We are running CF on Solaris 8. Any pointers on how to
fix/troubleshoot/debug would be great. Here is some info on our setup, if you
need more please let me know.

I installed coldfusion mx 7 into:

We previously had coldfusion mx 6.1 installed in:

We have custom tags CFX_READBLOB and CFX_SAVEBLOB calling the java classes
ReadBLOB and SaveBLOB respectively. The class files (ReadBLOB.class
SaveBLOB.class) were in:
and we copied the 2 class files to:

The java class path variable is set on the JVM page:


When we compile the java files on the command line this class path works. The
custom tag path is set to the default directory.

Finally, here is the error we get on our page that tries to use the custom tag:
Sorry, CFX got an error.
Expression A ClassCastingException occured. The CFX custom tag "CFX_SaveBLOB"
needs to implement
"com.allaire.cfx.CustomTag" interface. Please be sure to add this to your
custom class. Error processing CFX
custom tag "CFX_SaveBLOB".

Thanks for your time,