I need certain settings on my PHP set up for a new app we want to install (a
shopping cart called X-Cart). According the developer, we must have PHP
4.06 or above with "track_vars enabled, magic_quotes_gpc enabled and safe
mode disabled". This is a virtual shared host, and I don't have the
ability to change configurations at will. I can't 100% tell if we are in
compliance from the php info here. Can someone advise me?

Magic quotes is disabled, but I understand there is an .htaccess adjustment
we can make to change the setting locally. Safe mode is disabled, so that's
fine. I can't find any information about the other. So....

1. How do I amend my htaccess file to turn on magic_ quotes? and
2. Can you tell from this info page if track_vars is on? Or if it really

I would really appreciate the help. Thanks