I am clueless here.

I have installed the latest (ga) release of the libmyodbc.dylib
connector driver and after the install, tried setting up the driver
using the ODBC.app and the iODC app. I continually get an error that
says the driver can't be loaded (or found) when I test it. the error
comes from iODBC. The driver is in the /usr/lib
directory,and I've explicity entered the value in the configurateion

I've looked at the vaious odbc.ini files and things look ok as far as I
can tell, but then, I don't really know how they should be set up, or
even which ones are necessary.

Can someone give me an outline of the configuration steps to follow?
- What are the important .ini files?
- Are there andy system links that need to be set?
- Any other tips?