I'm running mysql (MySQL 5.0.18-Debian_8-log), on debian sid (kde 3.5).
I am having a problem with mysql-admin (MySQL Client Version 5.0.18).
All functions of mysql-admin, seems to work, except "User Administration".
Clicking on "User Administration" causes the app to hang up. The GUI gets
"dimmed" and I see the actual users in the left pane. In the status bar, on
the bottom, I see: Retrieving data from MYSQL and on the right side of the
status bar: Waiting (this is like: waiting forever).
Removing focus from mysql-admin, to another app, and back again reveals that
the app is really dead (no redrawing of the main window). Cpu utilization
of mysql-admin at this point is 0.
Any ideas as to what this can be????

Thanks in advance


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