Hello there,

I am doing some test on a reporting application. It's a general tool
which can work with several databases (via OleDb). I would like to test

it on some database MYSQL, by connecting via OleDb.

The problem is that I am too unfamiliar and ignorant about mysql to
embark in the
construction of a DB and further, I have actually tried to create an
instance on some machine here with both version 5 and 4.1, but I keep
having problem, like cannot start the service and so on.

Since my focus is not on the DB itself but on testing the reporting
functionalities and data type mappings, I would like to ask if anyone
here would be so kind as to grant me a remote access on some MYSQL DB
with test or unimportant data where I could perform some test.

If anyone is willing to be of help, please drop me an email. Thank you
very much.

Also as to the OleDb I have downloaded "MyOleDB". If you have
suggestion for more reliable OleDb providers it would be much
[Of course when completed if you wish I will make freely available
tested copies of the reporting app]