Hi all,

Rather an abstract question actually, but abstract answers are fine by

If you had a mysql server that was used as the back end to a very busy
web application, and it had to cater for a large amount of write
queries (insert and update), lets say 70% write to 30% read ratio and
you also have need of a reporting solution (99% read, 1 % write).

I would ideally be thinking of ting the main database from the
write intensive machine to a reporting database machine. So... a 2
machine setup (for the databases alone). However, this would mean that
the reporting database machine is still going to have to be the same
spec, if not more, than the write intensive machine, as all
transactions will have to be ted AND it will have to support the
reporting. The data for the reports needs to be kept very up to date
(within 5 minutes).

I would be very grateful to hear how others may have tackled such a
problem (and shout if i need to go into further detail), or which
resources i may be able to browse to further explore this sort of
scenario. I would be looking to use MySql 5 and Linux to host the
databases, and wouldn't be shy about getting hold of some decent server
hardware and a good disk subsystem.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!