I am Using the Insert/Interactive images/Navigation Bar Item in DW. I spec
out the up, over and Down Button everything Works Fine, However When It Goes
to the Link, It does not remain in the Rollover state (down). (so that when
a user goes to a page, they will know which page is being viewed) I am
Wanting to do this with ONE file so I don't have to Keep Making a Nav bar
for everypage. From What I've Been Reading, I need to Do this with
Templates, I think.

I believe I need to Set Expressions or Something but Again, I'm Lost.
Optional Regions Something, really really Lost
Is there a Simple Way?

Is there a Tutorial around that Does this, I've read a few at
dreamweavermx-templates, However I must be an Idiot cause I'm still LOST

If you can Point me in the right Direction, I would be Very Thankful., and
If possible explain it clearly, Thanks again