I've noticed that if a doent created in Acrobat Professional 6 is given the doent properties to open up initially (file/doent properties/initial view) with Window Controls hidden (i.e. the Pages/Bookmarks/etc tabs down the left hand side and the navigation arrows at the bottom missing), saved and reopened in either acrobat or reader 6, it appears to be TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to get the lefthand tabs back...

However, I noticed that if you change to full screen mode and then back, the navigation arrows at the bottom reappear. Also, the tools and file menus can still be toggled on/off with the function keys. I have windows XP - any explanations?

I apologise if I'm missing something obvious - but I've tried all sorts. The only thing that seems to work is if you re-save the doent with changed "initial view" settings in acrobat.

By the way - I'm aware that the tabs can be physically slid across to the left until they are only about 3 pixels wide and out again - but I don't mean this. I mean a total absence of left hand tabs.

Is this a design bug?

Thanks for any help.