I'm unfamiliar with the structure and complexity of your desktop app.. but I
think this is one of the absolute best resources (has been most helpful for

Developing Microsoft ASP.NET server controls and components

by Microsoft press. Tells u when to use each type of storage (session,
viewstate, context, etc.) Good info on object timing creation and event
handling. all it takes is one nugget of information and this book has paid
for itself.


"jay widman" <sjwidmanwinforwheels.com> wrote in message
> We have finished writing our .NET desktop app
> using C#. We now want to write an ASP version
> of this app again using C#.
> Has anyone seen a .NET ASP book (using C#)
> geared towards us? I've found plenty of
> books about .NET ASP and C# but these books
> tend to have to many chapters on what are Classes,
> control structures, ADO.NET, ect.. .
> We don't need that, thats a waste of paper.
> I noticed there was a good book for VB.NET
> programmers learning asp programming, but
> nothing for C# programmers learning asp
> programming.
> thanks in advance
> jay widman