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Need help getting Belkin F5D6050 to work with OS 9 iMac - Mac Networking

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    Default Need help getting Belkin F5D6050 to work with OS 9 iMac

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    Aaron Guest
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    Default Re: Need help getting Belkin F5D6050 to work with OS 9 iMac

    << The problem was when I went into the TCP/IP control panel. I selected
    the "Belkin USB Wireless Driver" from the "Connect Via:" dropdown menu,
    and then "Using DHCP Server" from the "Configure:" menu. Supposedly,
    this should have been the end of it, the router should have assigned an
    IP address to the Bondi iMac, and I'd be good to go. But it didn't. All
    it did was flit back and forth between a self-assigned "169.*.*.*"
    address and a "0.0.*.*" address >>


    I've also spent many hours with the Belkin F5D6050. I don't know all the
    answers, but here are some points worth mentioning. I'm running a Beige G3 266
    MHz Mini-Tower, and normally use AOL dial-up for the TCP/IP connection and the
    Belkin Wireless USB adapter for the AppleTalk connection to a laser printer
    connected to a NetGear MR-314 Wireless Router.

    1. When you do finally get it right, you may have to completely power
    everything down, not just restart, to get changes to take effect. (The Belkin
    must be connected during boot-up for the drivers to load.)

    2. There have been at least two sets of drivers available at the Belkin site.
    Perhaps one is newer, but they both claim to be the same version. The apparent
    difference is that the one that does NOT seem to work (with 9.2.2?) has three
    extensions in the system extensions folder, with names that include Belkin and
    USB. The one that DOES seem to work has only two extensions, and the names are
    very slightly different than the other three.

    3. When you find another set of drivers to try, be sure to use the custom
    remove to UN-install the previous version.

    4. Back when I upgraded to OS 9, some of my USB devices stopped working. I
    had to go back and try older USB extensions until I found a combination that
    made things work again. I don't know if that relates to the Belkin or not, but
    you should at least be aware of it.

    5. If you have OS X on your computer and run Classic mode, the first time you
    run it, you may see a message asking if it is OK to make an adjustment to your
    System Folder. The message says that there would be no effect on operation
    when booted from OS 9.2.2, but that seems to have caused a working Belkin USB
    adapter to stop working. I notice that a new extension had been added, named
    "InputSprocket Classic". Rather than fight it, I installed another copy of OS
    9.2.2 on the OS X partition just for Classic (as well as doing another clean
    install on the OS 9 partition).

    6. Once everything was working, the Wireless Router would reliably assign an
    IP address using DHCP, although that doesn't seem to be necessary for AppleTalk

    7. I say it was working, but when I first powered-up the machine it would
    sometimes hang-up during boot-up. Then I would do the Control-Command-Power
    restart and it would restart with no problem except the AppleTalk port had been
    switched to the printer port. Further restarts would proceed without incident
    as long as I didn't turn the power off.

    I have one other idea, but will post it in a second message.


    Fred Guest

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    Default Re: Need help getting Belkin F5D6050 to work with OS 9 iMac

    << Yesterday I finally took the plunge and bought a Belkin wireless router
    (F5D7230-4, 802.11g, 2.4GHz) along with a Belkin USB Network Adapter
    (F5D6050). >>


    After fighting with the Belkin USB adapter, I got it to work reliably, subject
    to the hang-during-boot problem I mentioned in the first message.

    The use of the Belkin is an attempt to add a non-Airport machine to a wireless
    network, and I have tried numerous other methods. When the Airport Extreme
    came out, there was a claim that it could be used in a "bridge" mode, so I
    bought one to see if it would work as a client to the NetGear MR-314 Wireless
    Router. It wouldn't.

    It turns out that Apple uses a "Wireless Distribution System" (WDS) to
    accomplish bridging. One unit is the WDS Main Base station, another can be the
    WDS Relay Station, and another can be the WDS Remote Base station. So far, so
    good. But to do this you need two or more expensive Apple Airport Extreme

    Someone in this NewsGroup indicated that Buffalo also used the WDS in their
    802.11G models. They mentioned using a Buffalo WBR2-G54 as the Base Station
    and a WLA-G54 as the Bridge. The only store I know that carries Buffalo, is
    CompUSA. I stopped by there, but all they had was the Buffalo model WBR-G54.
    It had apparently been discontinued, and was on sale for $49.

    I found that indeed, the WBR-G54 would work with the Apple Airport Extreme to
    do what I wanted. The only catch was that it only worked as the bridge to the
    Apple's base station. Then I checked the Buffalo web site and found a firmware
    update that brought it up to the 802.11G standard as finally approved. That
    made it work equally well as a base station to the Apple's bridge. (I suspect
    the WBR2-G54 is like a WBR-G54 that has had the firmware update installed.)

    Although the Apple is easier to configure, I'm willing to put up with the
    WGR-54G with its much lower price.

    The bottom line is that I've switched over from the Belkin USB Wireless adapter
    to the Buffalo units (A pair now), and everything seems to work perfectly. No
    more frustration from the Belkin adapter.

    By the way, I don't recall having much trouble with the Belkin under OS X, but
    didn't use it that much.


    Fred Guest

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    Default Re: Need help getting Belkin F5D6050 to work with OS 9 iMac

    << Yesterday I finally took the plunge and bought a Belkin wireless router
    (F5D7230-4, 802.11g, 2.4GHz) >>


    I forgot to touch on the F5D7230-4. If it is the one I looked at in the store,
    the package did not mention whether or not it uses the "Wireless Distribution
    System" (WDS) or equivalent, that Apple's Airport Extreme uses. If it does,
    then getting another of them (or one of the Buffalo units) should allow you to
    connect using the computer's ethernet port instead of the USB port.


    Fred Guest

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