Hi, I have installed Contribute 3.0, but I can't create a Connection. During
the Connection Wizard, when I pick up the root directory I always get the error

Contribute cannot verify your connection information

Please contact yout system administrator.

The Ftp server is wu-ftpd - Linux Red Hat 7.1

Here is the FtpChecker Log: can anyone help me to fix the problem ?


Marco Marcon

Date: 7/4/2005
LocalTime: 12:27
Host: **********
Port: 21
LoginID: ********
FTP Path:
Passive Enabled: true
ProxyHost: N\A
Contribute Alternate Rename: no
Contribute Optimized: yes
======================== Test Results ==========================

NOTE: VS FTP Service has been detected.
For more information on FTP server compatibility issues, please see:


Directory Listing Test: SUCCESS!

Make Directory Test: SUCCESS!

Change Directory Test: SUCCESS!

Upload a File Test: SUCCESS!

Fallback Test for Optimization: SUCCESS!

Server State Test: SUCCESS!

File/Directory NameExists Test: SUCCESS!

File/Directory NOT Exists Test: -------------------------------- FTP log from
the last operation -------------------------------
> CWD /mm_diagnose
< 250 Directory successfully changed.
> MDTM no_exist_file_.mm
< 213 20050704102607