I've gotten Contribute to work and was having no problems with it for awhile.
However, recently I can't get any connection to the site, or to edit a page,
unless I totally turn off Symantec's firewall. Previously, I could leave the
firewall intact, and edit away. I've tried turning off the various features
('allow Active X, allow Java, allow all connections') without totally disabling
the firewall. The half meaures don't work. It makes me very nervous to turn
off the firewall all together, since I'm sometimes on the site for a half hour
or more. Any thoughts of how to not turn off the wall but still get connected
would be appreciated.

On a different note: when I am adding internet links, the program has a mind
of its own as to font style and size. I've got in to the Page Properties
section, and specified what I want for a default in links, but even after that,
I still am battling the program with it changing some but not all the links,
and refusing to accept my specifying the font and size. How do I overcome such
stubbornness in the program?

Glenn Cahn