i need to connect to a microsoft telnet server via net::telnet (and
io::pty). i can connect and communicate successfully via the telnet
command in linux after setting the following:

(these are from memory so the syntax may be off but the options are correct)
environ term vt100
set echo off
mode character

i can connect successfully via net::telnet & io::pty but cannot
communicate with the ms telnet server. setting net::telnet to the same
options as above does not work the same as a manual telnet connection.

after much frustration, head scratching (and banging), i finally
realized the problem must be one or more additional settings that are
the default values in the telnet command that are not the same default
values in net::telnet - options that presumably control the
characteristics of the data i'm sending to the server.

can anyone give me any direction as to which options i should pursue,
please? any help would be greatly appreciated.