Dmitry Melekhov wrote:
> Hello!
> I want to migrate our tnsnames.ora to LDAP.
> We already use openldap 2.0.
> So I want to use it .
> As I see from opnldap logs tnsping successefully connects to openldap
> with correct filter.
> All I need now is schema definition for openldap.
> May be someone already implemented it?
> Btw, it is not completely clear how entries in ldap directory should
> look like.
> Could someone give me sample in ldif?
> Thank you!
> btw, happy New Year!
You can use the net8 assistant to migrate your tnsnames entries to
ldap. At least, Oracle ldap.
For ldif, I would have to setup LDAP overhere, migrate my tnsnames
to ldap and ldif the lot... You can do the same, and it will cost less
of my time ;-)