Hi there,

I have a dual boot machine. Windows XP Professional and Red Hat Linux
9.0. Windows XP cannot get an IP via DHCP when I initially boot, it
eventually gives up and assigns itself a manual IP. The logs from my
router are as follows:

Jul/13/2003 23:17:06 DHCP lease IP to BEDROOM
Jul/13/2003 23:04:50 DHCP lease IP to BEDROOM
Jul/13/2003 22:17:51 DHCP lease IP to BEDROOM

The router is correctly assigning IPs because it works first time in
Linux and no other machines have problems getting IPs.

It wouldn't bother me but the card is completely dead even though it
has been assigned a manual IP. The only way to make it work it to
disable and enable the card in control panel, after I have done this
the card functions normally.

Does anyone have a solution? There seems to be an awful lot of people
complaining about simmilar issues if you go to
There does not seem to be any updated drivers available from netgear.