How to add my networked (Netgear PS101) printer to a Mac.

Printer Browser Window Should Look Like This

Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
Address: (just put your ip address here)

Queue: PSDF9557_P1 (this is the device name + _P1, this will be
different if you use another PS101 Print Server - you can find your
device name by going to the Server Status page of the print server, its
the device id)

The area below was grayed out before and I was not able to get to it.
I was only able to type into this area after I tried the following:
Click More Printers...
Select AppleTalk, then Local AppleTalk Zone
Select your print server name PrintServ
Select the Printer Model
Click Add
I had to delete the printer created by these steps because it didnt
work.. however once I deleted the printer I was able to type into the
are below on the Printer Browser Window

Name: Photosmart 1000 (this is up to you)
Location: blank
Print Using: HP
HP Photosmart P1000 - Gimp-Print v5.0.0-beta2