I've been beating my head against the wall with this problem: I have a
G4 with both OS9 and OS X installed. I'm in the process of migration.
I have years worth of address book information in Netscape 6.2 (which
does NOT have an export function, although 4X and 7X both do; whom do
I kill?) running under OS9. I have Netscape 7.1 (although I'd be
willing to consider switching clients, possibly to the free Mac mail
program) running under OS 10.2.
How do I migrate address books? I've tried moving the abook.mab file
from the 6.2 profile to my 7.1 profile (side note: I'm using the
default and can't get profile manager started). I've also spent hours
googling and searching Netscape's web site. Any illumination would be
greatly appreciated. Also, sorry about the convulted sentence
structure; this is driving me a little bats.