I'd just like to connect the two machines together simply over a
null-modem connection. Using TCP/IP with PPP. Now I configured the
other machine and configured the Mac to use Modem type NullModem57600
and manual PPP setup. This is fine, however, I can only set the IP
address. It doesn't let me set any router or netmask settings. First,
do you need to enable advanced settings somewhere to do this? As the
Mac network books I've got show pictures of a manual setup with all
fields changeable, with ethernet anyway.

Second, I believe I need to do this, as I specified all the IP
addresses on the other machine in my network setup, but the Mac TCP
log says the server sent it an invalid IP address, which looks like Any clues?

Unless it wasn't fairly obvious, I am new to Mac's and Mac OS in
general, having just bought a 2nd hand PowerBook 1400 for personal
use. Which I chose over getting a PC notebook, since I fairly familar
with PC's in general but had a more vested interest in getting to know

Thanks for any help, in advance.