This is my situation:

I've four systems as follow: (A) One PC server with
Windows 2000 server, (B) One desktop PC and a notebook,
each with XP Professional and both joined the domain, (C)
A new notebook installed with XP Home and has its own

Each of the four systems has its own Internet access.

My problems and questions are:

(1) Is there a way for the new workgroup to be part of
domain server and establish some kind of "trust"
relationship, so that they can use the same user account
list in the domain server for file sharing.

(2)In XP Professional and 2000 server, I can browse
domain and workgroup name, and select the computer names
to access. In XP Home, I cannot browse - is it normal and
how can I browse as I did in Pro?

(3) File Sharing: In XP Home, I clicked the shared
folders of the server, it will ask me user name and
password and can be accessed if I entered it. When I
clicked the shared folder of XP Pro (desktop), only a
message box came out saying I do not have the access
right. Not user name and password window will jump out.
How can I solve it??

(4) Any solutions for direct cable connection (using 1394)
between the Win XP pro and XP home? How do I set up for
sharing folders to avoid the need of a server?

Many thanks.