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>I've heard that Windows 98 and Windows XP have problems
>with performance, auto updates, and sharing files. Is
>there anyone that could let me know what kind of problems
>may exsist in this senario? I'm running some applications
>that seem to work fine on XP when I access the file on
>Windows 98 but when I access the file from Windows 98 on
>Windows XP it causes errors in User.exe. A computer tech
>told me it was because XP and 98 do not network well
>together. I updated to XP on the machine with 98 and now
>it is fine.
In my experience over the past 2 years, Windows 98 and XP network with
each other just fine, with no inherent problems. I suspect that
something was corrupted in the Windows 98 installation, and that
upgrading fixed it.

What exactly was the error message from User.exe? Go to
[url];EN-US;KBHOWTO[/url] and
search for "user.exe". Does the message appear in any of the
Knowledge Base articles that it finds?
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Steve Winograd, MS-MVP (Windows Networking)

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