Hi All,

Got Debian (2.2.20) installed my Pentium 60, 16Mb and running. My
installation is via HTTP through a gateway server.

I use NE2000 NIC as it is supported. Now I got D-Link DFE530TX NIC. Compiled
the source, got the "rhinefet.o" file. HOW do I configure debian to use the
new NIC (BTW, I have both installed at the moment but will remove the NE2000
after the new NIC is running).

I have 3 part (dos, linux, linux swap) in one HDD (dev/hda). I installed new
HDD (dev/hdb) and partitioned it with cfdisk. How do I move some of my file
(e.g. /usr) to the new HDD (and link it?) so that the boot is not broken?

Hope that is not TOO-MUCH ... Appreciate 4 ur pointer/advise. Thanks in