I'm just started on the MySQL + PHP road.
I have installed MySQL + MySQL_CC + dbtools and made a MySQL-database with all the
data from one table (1800 records) from my Access2002/XP-database with the help of
I got a web-hotel which support MySQL (with PHPAdmin) and php and with the help of
phpAdmin I have made a database exately like the one on my PC but with only ONE
Now I most make a webpage with some php-scripts which will load all the data from
the MySQL-db (or from a ;-separated-text-file made from MySQL-db) on my PC up to
database on my web-hotel.
The php-manual (from the php-site) is right now beeing printed out - but can I get
any hint about how such a webpage looks like and what phpscript would look like,
that will be of great help to see that I'm on the right track.