Newbie help required please!

I've successfully installed FMS3 development version on a Linux server, it is
up and running. I've setup Adobe flash media encoder 2 on my desktop and have
successfully connected to the remote Linux server and am sending a stream to it
from my webcam... All ok so far, now the big question:

What next? i.e. I have a website (on another remote server) and I want to put
a page up so multiple viewers can view the webcam stream, ie one stream from my
desktop to the FMS box, the website then allows multiple viewers to get the
rebroadcasted stream from the FMS in their browser.

So the question is: what do I put in the HTML to do this? or is it more
complicated than that? Do I have to do more on the FMS server? BTW - The
webserver is also a Linux box running Apache2 & PHP5

Thanks in advance.