Joseph Long wrote:
> I am installing Mandrake 8.2 on an ASUS P4S533-MX MB machine, Viewsonic
> E90f+ CRT. I cannot get the ethernet on the MB working, nor the MB graphics
> chipset, nor the monitor. I am really new to linux although I have tried
> several times in the past to install it on various machines, I have never
> met with any real degree of success. Well I am committed to seeing this
> attempt through to its conclusion this time and I would appreciate any
> help. I don't know what functions in linux to use to get these devices
> working properly.....I don't know how to get linux system files from the
> net through windows and then get them onto floppy or CD in windoze so they
> can be used by linux and I don't know what files to get or even how to look
> for the info becuase I am not familiar with the terminology. Please help me
> get my linux system installed correctly...
> Thanks in advance
While I myself just completed my first Linux install today, I do know
that it can read windows directories right off. I downloaded and burned
my files to CD thru windows, then used the CD to install, but I guess it
could have been done by just DL'ing to a windows dir. and installing
that way since I installed another program that way.
If you're dual-booting, try win 1st, followed by Linux, then Linux swap.
I had great luck with Lilo today. Use Linux's fdisk- same form as
About the hardware- the only thing I had that didn't make it over to
Linux was a winmodem, so I guess that's good. I tried different
bootdisks and kernels until I found one that worked well. Watch the
sceen when Linux boots so you can see what it is finding and what it is
calling everything. Most people have harddisk's like this dev/hda, but
I'd see Linux boot dev/hde, so I knew my was different. Sometimes going
to manufacturer's sites helps, sometimes not.
Also, some people may disagree with me on this, but I found a bunch of
distrobutions that flat-out wouldn't work at all, that's one of the
major reasons I chose Slackware. My first expirience with it was by way
of one of those pocket-linux mini-distros that people make and put on
1-2 floppies. They're at [url][/url], I think that's a good way
of getting familiar with how a certain kind of Linux will be, before you
go and download 600mg's of tar.gz files... I failed at about 3-4
different ones and whiped out my whole system several times before I got
it right. Maybe I just wasn't doing it right... Anyway, after alot of
trying and patiece I have a Linxu system now... I hope something here
helped a little.

- Jay/jayjwa

"Microsoft? What's that- a kind
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