You should install Win 98 at first, then Win XP Pro, and finally Linux. If
you do so, you will get a boot menu in which you can choose the booting OS.
If you want to share files between Win XP and Win 98, you should choose FAT
or FAT32 as the file system.
I suggest that the partition for Linux is at least 5GB.

"marius" <marius_bros> ???? om...
> Pardon me but i can't find a good instruction on how to create a
> triple-booting system. Can you instruct me?
> I wanted to install three OSs on my brand new hard drive. The size is
> only 40 GB. I wish to install the following OSs:
> 1. Win XP Pro,
> 2. Win 98SE, and
> 3. Linux (either Red Hat 7.x or Mandrake 8.x)
> I also want the Win XP and Win 98SE to be able to share files between
> them. Most of the programs/applications that I will use will be run
> under windows.
> I'll be using Linux just for educational purposes.
> What should I do first? Which OS will I install first?
> What file system will I use?
> How will I do the disk partitioning? How much will I allot for each
> partition?
> Thank you so much!
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