I have problems to link the image source to an imagefile in
a virtual directory.

I have a website named 'MyImages' in
(W2k, Dreamweaver 3.0).

My goal is to try to hide away my images for a bulk download
(of course I can't prevent someone from copying them once
the image is displayed on the screen).
So this is under the assumption that I have a better chans
to hide my images in a virtual directory outside the normal
Web site.
Anyway I have created a virtual directory 'ImageFolder' in
H:\Images, where I have put all my images.

When I want to insert an image on a page in DW I can browse
my filesystem and point the source to
'H:\Images\MyImage1.jpg' and the image tag will be
<img src=file:///H%7C/Images/MyImage1.jpg width="680"
I don't see any option to use the virtual directory.

How can I use the virtual directory '/ImageFolder' in the
src-path instead of this local physical path?