i a newbie to sendmail and i want to filter spam for my site.

i have an solaris8-sendmail (8.11.6) box in the dmz that delivers all
mail to my internal mailserver (no sendmail) and sends all outgoing
mail from the internal to the outside world.

now i want to filter spam on the dmz before it gets to the inside.

i would like to use spamassasin but i don't know how to install it. Do
i have to install milter first? how do i install milter feature on
solaris? i would even use dnsbl but i can't figure out how.

don't think i haven't searched enough.. i am searching since 2 days
but i can't find anything that fits my skill ;) :(

can anyone give me a hint where to get a good step-by-step howto?

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