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  • October 15th, 12:12 PM

    Re: am desperate for results....I will pay!

    "Alan D-W" <com> wrote in message
    news:bmgues$mdpeg$ [/ref]
    Alan is right. Before you do ANYTHING to the pictures, and don't even think
    about using anything but a copy to work on, contact your local prosecutor
    and see what he/she has to say about presenting photos that have been
    manipulated. I don't think you're going to like what you hear.

    Good luck,


  • October 15th, 12:07 PM

    Re: am desperate for results....I will pay!

    Doesn't look like he's come back to the forum guys. He posted his email com
  • October 15th, 02:25 AM

    Re: am desperate for results....I will pay!

    Email one of the frames/images to me at com and I'll take a quick look at it and email it back to you along with what I did. No guarantees but no charge either ;).

  • October 14th, 09:55 PM

    Re: am desperate for results....I will pay!

    Call the most prestigious printer in the LA area and ask for a referral to a good 'high-end' Photoshop person. I would come down and help you but I think it would cost more than you would want to pay. You should be able to find someone good in your area.
  • October 14th, 07:59 PM

    Re: am desperate for results....I will pay!

    If you can post a frame or two for us to look at we may be able to recommend simple steps you can take to do the work yourself. It may be as simple as recording an action and doing a batch enhance on all the images at once.
  • October 14th, 01:41 PM

    Re: am desperate for results....I will pay!

    <com> wrote in message
    how to move to avoid > detection. Although they can be seen in the raw
    photos, they are ..

    The implication here, given the word 'perps', is that the video system has
    captured somebody committing a wrongdoing. My only thought here is that by
    enhancing the original images in any way you may be rendering them
    inadmissible as evidence should the events ever become a court case.

  • October 14th, 12:23 PM

    Re: am desperate for results....I will pay!

    You can try contacting your local junior college or tech school that teaches courses in graphic design to find someone. Or if you have access to Photoshop, I would suggest Extensis Intellihance, a plug-in for Photoshop that displays many versions of a photo with different contrasts and filters (great tool for beginners). There's a free trial at <>
  • October 14th, 02:55 AM

    am desperate for results....I will pay!

    I have a number of black and white video captures from a time lapse electronic security recorder, namely a Dedicated Micros Digital Sprite 2. They are JPEG form that are for the most part in taken at night in the brush, The lighting varies. The problem here is the perps are number one camoflauged and two they know how to move to avoid detection. Although they can be seen in the raw photos, they are not clear enuf for a lay person i.e. jurors, reporters, law enforcement etc, I Have attempted to draw the images out myself and use a nik enhanced(?) to rebuild the pixels. I am not doing to well. I met a person while on a flight who was watching me struggle on my laptop. She offered her help and with her laptop drew these images out almost perfectly using Photoshop in minurtes. She advised me to find some one with Photoshop experience because in her words it was basic filtering, amatuer stuff. But then she teaches a class centered around Adobe. I didnt bother to get her info becuase I thought it would be easy to find help.,,not so! I need to find someone who can help me draw these images out of the brush,and becuase I have wasted all this time trying myself I am in a rush. I will pay if anyone out there can help. I can e-mail a sample photo if inrested. I am in the Los Angeles are. Contact Jeff at com Please rest assured this is no scam, This is for real. Thanks Jeff

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