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  • October 10th, 01:49 AM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!

    I did find it Tony. Thanks.

    It would be nice if it was conveniently available in Programs>Adobe>Photoshop.
    IMHO ;-)
  • October 9th, 05:50 AM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!

    In order to see it in explorer, you have to have hidden files enabled from the view tab.

    See this kB article on locations for your OS.

  • October 9th, 05:44 AM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!

    Ok, I can try that again.

    Since I haven't saved anything, I also don't remember the setup. So I looked for a file labelled Preferences.psp or pref.psp or prefs.psp and come up empty.

    I opened Ps6 in programs and didn't find it.
    Where is it?
  • October 9th, 05:08 AM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!

    I don't get that. When I've done it, as a test, I trashed the preferences, loaded photoshop, closed photoshop. A new preferences file was created. Then I copied my saved version back to the correct location, deleted the newly created one, renamed my copy, and loaded photoshop. It worked perfectly.

  • October 9th, 05:05 AM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!

    I also had a copy saved, but when I went to load it, I found that all the preferences didn't load. I don't remember which didn't, so now I keep them in my head and run down the list.
  • October 9th, 04:04 AM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!


    I always keep a copy of my Preferences.PSP in a safe location, for just such an emergency. Fwiw.
  • October 9th, 01:58 AM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!

    "Real World Photoshop" Blatner and Fraser.

    Also, put Color Management and/or icc profiles in Google.

    Tony, I did try restore, but no avail. It's all better now since I did a Reset Prefs, but I hate to do that!
  • October 9th, 01:35 AM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!

    Some progress has been made but I am not satisfied. Please suggest books or reading materials on color management and icc profiles.
  • October 9th, 12:03 AM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!


    Try minimizing then maximizing again. If that doesn't work, try restore.
  • October 8th, 10:00 PM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!

    Tony, he's using a Canon S900. That's why I posted detailed account.

    Derek, is the Grayscale box checked in the printer dialog? Uncheck it.
    Also, be certain that the proper profile shows in the Printer Space box.
  • October 8th, 08:07 PM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!


    All good color management begins with an accurate monitor profile. Then, the plot thickens. Ian Lyons' site has helped many get up and running quickly, myself included.

    There are a lot of variables to control for: What color space are you using on the image? When you do Print with Preview, what do you have set for Destination Color space? Do you use media profiles? What settings do you use in the print driver? What paper are you using?

    Again, most of this is covered at Ian's Site <>.

    In order to help, really, make sure you let us know what printer you're using so that those individuals with experience with that printer can help you tweak settings.

  • October 8th, 07:59 PM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!

    The problems I'm having are as follows. My monitor shows images true to the original before they were scanned. My antique finish photo, that looks ideal and true on the monitor, transfers black and white and greatly decreases the brightness of the banner style text and other image. I tried, emphasis on tried, to implement the color management profile in print with preview with NO success. I tried looking back on the suggested link but as one might expect, the server can not find the page. I've emailed them too. What can I do to get a quality print? What can I do to evenly match my monitor's image with my final print? Please help me.
  • October 8th, 04:37 PM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!

    I have a Canon S9000 and experience really great prints, Derek. What I didn't see in your posts is exactly what's happening. Are you being critical of the subtle color errors the Canon produces? Mostly in B&W, I might add. Full color is superb.

    For Canon your setup should be as follows:
    Print Options:
    Source: Space>Doent
    Print Space Profile: BJ Color Printer Profile 2000
    Intent: Perceptual.

    You can find that profile in the drop down menu in Print Space Profile.

    Next, Click "Properties"

    Media Type: Choose Matte for just about everything, except office doents. Then Plain Paper is fine. The other media types don't print as well as Matte, IMHO.

    Print Quality: You can leave it on High for now.

    Color Adjustment: Auto works, but clicking Manual and playing with the various selections in the Print Type Box gives some variations. I would stick with Photo here. Leave everything else alone for now!

    Now run your print.

    Does it look better?
  • October 8th, 02:42 PM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!


    I read your previous message thread,


    and it seems that you got good advice there, despite some communication problems and a touch of "homonymic dyslexia" (grin). You criticized HP, but you can't really expect HP to help you with Canon printer color management. If it any encouragement, your Canon is capable of making great looking photo prints.

    -- Burton --
  • October 8th, 12:55 AM

    Re: I'm Still Hurting Over Here!

    State a question that leads to answering a specific problem. The answer to the question you posted is "usually".

    Help us help you.
  • October 7th, 09:00 PM

    I'm Still Hurting Over Here!

    I recently solicited advice for printing. All the usual suggestions were made and a web link was posted. I know that I'm not doing something right, but as you've probably figured out for yourselves, trouble shooting color problems can be tricky. Once again I've come to beg your advice, prostrating myself in familiar floor, because let's be honest. If you don't have good color management, you don't really have anything but garbage do you? Thankx.

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