Hell all,

I have a question for the newspaper production people who participate in this forum. How many pages per week does your department process and how many people are in the department? This is an informal survey that has been a burning question in my mind.

What I want to find out is what the average person-per-page ratio is.

By processing pages I mean any page touched by department personnel from full editorial/advertising construction to commercial printing.

For example, my department has 6-1/2 people. We produce two weekly newspapers (averaging 120 tab pages per week) requiring ad and editorial building.

We produce special editorial and advertorial supplements ranging from 16 pages to 32-plus pages per week.

We process commercial printing jobs - some of which require open/print, some require image/photo scanning and inserting, and others require full builds. 16 to 64-plus pages per week.

AND, we publish a legal daily that runs 24-36 pages per day (4 pages of editorial, 20 pages of classified flow and several pages of misc. legal material).

Granted, it's impossible to compare one department to another. That's not my goal. I want to get a feel for overall workloads within the departments staffed by readers of this forum. I'm asking this question in other forums as well. I know it's not an adobe-specific question. Since we're moving to InDesign in a few months, I think it's a relevant question. I already know that InDesign is a much better workhorse when compared to Quark - I just want to figure out how much better.

-Thanks much, Hugh